Appraise Your Home

If you are looking to find the estimated value of a home, this Appraisal Center offers several options. You can start with a Free and Instant Appraisal using the free appraisal tool below. You can also order a more extensive and reliable home value report that utilizes latest home valuation technology.

Appraise a Home

Free Home Appraisal

The Free Appraisal Tool instantly estimates a home value based on recent comparable sales in the neighborhood and various other factors. In addition to the estimated value, you will also see a list of recent sales that took place in the neighborhood. Enter Street address and Zip code or City & State to appraise a home. More »

Mega Home Value Report - For More Accurate Home Value

For a more extensive and reliable estimate of a home value, order a 'Home Smart Mega Home Report'. Using mathematical and statistical models, neighborhood sales activity is analyzed and compared to your home and a value is estimated in less than one minute. The latest house value modeling technology (AVM) and area analysis is used to give you an estimate of the home value. But this report is more than just an estimated value. It helps you in making an informed decision by providing home sales activity around the neighborhood in recent years, overall market condition, market appreciation and more. View this sample report for a better understanding.

Professional Realtors® have used similar valuation tools for years to appraise homes. Now you can take advantage of this too.