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Homes For Sale features thousands of homes for sale which you can Search by zip code, city or state. Once you find a home, you can see detailed information such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, floors, square footage, year built etc. and view a photo slideshow, maps, satellite imagery, get driving directions, print a flyer and more. You may then contact the owner (FSBO) or Agent directly for more information. Search Houses for Sale.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) provides the finest resources for home sellers available on the web. When you List a home for sale, it is featured on the home page for a limited time, at no additional cost. Your listing will include unlimited photos and detailed description which can be viewed by the thousands of potential home buyers who visit our website everyday. We provide For Sale By Owner (FSBO) services for real estate, condos, townhouses, land, farm houses and homes.
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If you are a Realtor, Agent or Broker, you may advertise your houses for sale and get your listings featured on the home page of for a very special price. List a home or Request bulk listing information. You may also contact potential home buyers in our free house wanted classifieds section.

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The Property Locator helps you get detailed information on any house in the USA even if it is not listed on for sale. All you need is the street address and zip code of the house.

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