Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of most commonly asked questions and answers about If you do not find answer to your question, please contact our customer service and we will be happy to assist you.

  • About House Locator

    1. Can I save my favorite listings so I can review them later?

      Yes! Each property on a property listing page has a 'Save' option. Clicking on this will prompt you to either create a free account or log into your existing account. If you already have an account with, simply log into your account and your selected listing will be saved automatically, then continue to search for more properties. If you do not have an account with yet, just complete the form in order to create a free account and the listing will be saved in your account.

    2. How can I get valuation (appraisal) on a property?

      You can see the estimated home value from different online home valuation providers by going to

    3. How do I find homes for sale on

      From the home page, enter City, State or Zip code in the box under 'Find a Home'. List of available homes in that area will be displayed.

      Once you find a home you like, you can view detailed information and view Map and Satellite imagery of the house.

    4. What is is a leading Real Estate Website providing information on Homes For Sale, Home Values, Property Information, Mortgage Rates and Mortgage Quote. You will also find Help and Articles on Buying or Selling a House.

      In addition you can list a House for Sale on for a small fee. Your listing is featured on the home page of and also displayed on top of other properties when someone searches for homes for sale in your neighborhood (City, Zip code or nearby Zip codes).

      Find out more about Listing Home for Sale on

  • Listing a House For Sale

    1. Can I list a house without pictures?

      You can list a house without pictures and upload pictures at any time while your property listing is active. We strongly recommend that you upload pictures of your property because listings with pictures generally attract a lot more views.

    2. Can I pay for my listing with a check or money order?

      Not at this time, but you may use Paypal ( to make a payment with a US bank account! Credit Card payments are accepted.

    3. Does offer MLS listing?

      Not at this time, however we are going to offer a flat fee MLS service in the near future.

    4. How can I have my listing displayed on the home page of HouseLocator?

      New listings are automatically displayed on the home page of HouseLocator for a limited time. However, if you do not have any photos with your listing, they will not be displayed on the home page. In addition, the photo should be the front elevation of the house in order to show on the home page.

    5. How do I change the order of my photos?

      Initially photos are displayed in the same order you upload them. To change the order, log into your account and select the 'Add/Remove Images' link. On the next page enter the numeric order in the 'Order' column of each Image. If you change the display order, you must click on 'Save Display Order' button at the bottom to update the listing.

    6. How do I upload photos to my listing?

      You must log in to your account to upload photos. Once you have logged in to your account select the add/remove tab below your property image. Then select browse to search for images on your desktop. Once you have selected an image simply click on the upload tab to complete this process.

    7. How may pictures can I upload with a listing?

      There is no limit to the number of photos you wish to upload for a listing. You can upload as many photos as you need.

    8. How much does it cost to list a property for sale on HouseLocator? offers great listing packages allowing you to pay a low one time fee for a Features Home For Sale Listing until your property is sold. To view listing packages and prices please Click Here.

    9. How often will I be charged?

      If you select one of our 'until sold' listing optinos, you will be charged only once. If you select a Monthly listing package, you will be charged every 30 days.

    10. I just purchased a package that includes yard sign and flyers, when will they ship?

      The printed flyer layout and content must be reviewed and approved by you before we process and print the flyer. You will be asked to approve the flyer design immediately after the listing is online. Once you approve the flyer, the Yard Sign and flyer package is shipped within 2 business days.

    11. What does each listing package include?

      You can review all listing packages and the included features and benefits Here.

    12. Will my listing be displayed on any other Website than

      At this time, we submit all featured listings to GoogleBase, where google users may search for homes for sale. We will submit listings to more Website in the near future.

  • Managing your Account

    1. Can I change the price of my listing at any time?

      Yes! Just go to Edit the listing and change the price.

    2. Can I temporarily deactivate my listing and activate it again later?

      If for any reason you would like to take the listing off-line (deactivate it), please log in and select the 'Disable' option. Your listing will not be displayed on the Website until you re-activate the listing again. To re-activate the listing, click on 'Activate' next to the listing thumbnail in your account.

    3. How do I edit my listing?

      To edit your property listing simply log in to your account then select 'Edit' next to the listing thumbnail to change or update the price, features or description of your listing. Once you have edited your property you must click 'Save' to update your listing. Changes are reflected on the Website immediately.

    4. How do I find out how many times my listing has been viewed?

      To see how many times your property has been viewed, you must log in to your account. Once you have logged in, the number of times your property has been viewed is displayed by day, week and month to the right of your property image.

    5. How often can I edit my listing?

      You can edit your listing 24x7, as many times as needed. There is never a charge for editing/updating listing information or uploading more photos.

  • Real Estate Professionals

    1. Do you accept Data Feed? currently accepts data feed in Trulia® compatible xml format. If you produce a compatible data feed of your listings, please use this Form to submit your feed.

    2. How did my listing appear on aggregates property listings from various real estate listing publishers. If your property is listed with any of our listing partners, your property will automatically appear on

    3. How do I submit my listings to

      There is a bulk listing option available that allows you to have featured listings on with an annual membership. Submit this Form for information on the bulk listing package.

    4. Some of my property information is incorrect on How can I correct it?

      If you are a Realtor® and wish to change or correct your listing you must locate the listing publisher that has provided with your property listing and change the information with them. To find the listing publisher that has provided with your property information, select the more information tab located on the lower right hand side of your property page and you will be linked directly to your listing publisher. Once you update the listing with your publisher, it should appear on next business day.